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About Billy Barker Collective... 

Hey you! 

I'm Alannah, the founder of Billy Barker Collective and I'd love to tell you my story!

I've always had pets. When I was young we always had family cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds or fish. I've never had a day of my life without a pet to care for! 

Currently, I have 2 dogs - Buster (8 year old English Staffy) and Lily (1 year old Golden Retriever) and a cat - Ivy (4 year old Burmese Mix).

The name Billy Barker originates from my furbabies.

BILLY - Buster, Ivy and Lily 

BARKER - my maiden name

I've always had a passion for animals and I'm so grateful to have found the passion for creating beautiful apparel for your furbabies too! 

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